The print media industry has a responsibility to lessen its environmental impact. Fortunately, rapidly developing green technology allows publishers to use renewable resources, limit greenhouse emissions and eliminate steps of the publishing process altogether.

We at SustainPrint believe that sustaining our world is vital to our future. Our goal is to provide print businesses the resources they need to "green" their printing and publishing processes. We also aim to educate those searching for large-quantity printing services; choose a publisher with environmental credentials to make the world a better place.

Green Printing & Publishing Philosophy


Paper Sourcing: publishers and consumers alike are raising their standards, expecting paper companies to have strong sustainability credentials. With authorities like The Forest Stewardship Council, it has never been easier to determine which businesses use natural resources responsibly and sparingly.


Renewable Resources: the world's leading printers and publishers have shifted away from the use of finite resources. Many printing facilities are now powered by 100% renewable energy. Others have abandoned the use of traditional paper and ink in favor of recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.


Carbon Strategy: with new standards emerging to measure a paper's carbon footprint, such as those introduced by the Confederation of European Paper Industries, it's now apparent that paperless media isn't the only way for businesses to be sustainable. The CEPI measures and outlines ten key areas of a paper's carbon footprint throughout production.


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Recent Updates

The Latest Steel Building Technology

Everyone is looking at how they can make a positive impact on the environment of late, which is why steel buildings are becoming more and more popular. The latest in technology has made it possible to buy pre-engineered Whirlwind Steel Buildings in the form of kits. These can be of various sizes, ranging from a small shed to a full entertainment center.

When it comes to steel, it's a sustainable material. It will outlast virtually every type of weather and will stay erected for many years to come. Because it's not pulling from a lot of the natural resources and it won't need to be replaced anytime in the near future, it is the epitome of a green building.

Every aspect of steel buildings and steel construction can be green. It starts out with the plans being printed on recycled paper – often using vegetable based inks. From there, solar panels and solar water heaters can be placed on the roof, which will reduce the amount of electricity being used. Inside the building, there can be very organic floor coverings, offering an even greener addition to the building.

Technology has advanced to the point that it is easier to be environmentally responsible. While the costs can still be a little higher in the beginning, the cost savings over time more than makes up for the added costs. As a result, these buildings are being used residentially and commercially all over the globe, which is adding to a more sustainable planet.

Finding a Good Law Firm

One of the hardest things to do is find a good and reliable law firm. Throughout Houston, Texas, there are many law firms and it can be an overwhelming process to determine who is the best suited for the job. In order for you to find the right law firm for the job, it's very important to consider the type of lawyer you're looking for, what their experience is and how much it will all cost you.Even being a part of the Green Movement, one is bound to run into legal issues and problems.

The law office of Henry Nguyen will be one of the best options for you because we have a number of different specialties. From misdemeanors to criminal charges, the lawyers will be capable of handling anything that you might be dealing with.

When you're trying to find the right lawyer to represent you, it's a good idea to take advantage of free consultations. The only way the law office of Henry Nguyen will work for you is if you feel comfortable with the lawyers. During the consultation, you will be able to ask many questions and familiarize yourself with the staff.

Every lawyer is different. This includes experience, the number of cases won as well as what is charged to represent your case. All of these questions need to be inquired on, otherwise you won't truly be able to make an educated decision. Good representation could mean the difference between jail time or not, which is why you want to take the time and consider all your options.

Hydraulics Matter in the World of Printing

Hydraulics is all about the flow of fluids and building up pressure. The way in which Hydac deals with this is by creating parts and systems that make sense to the industry in which they are producing parts for. They often offer customized solutions to companies who are trying to improve their systems.

Hydac consistently partners with many industries including paper and wind power. As many publishers are looking to reduce their emissions, they are powering their facilities with alternative energy sources. Hydac has been in the wind industry for over 12 years and has helped with many products having to do with for wind turbines.

Printing presses are looking to become greener. While there are electronic publications that require no paper to be printed, there are still just as many printing presses who want to continue producing paper publications. Just as these companies are looking to source their paper and their energy, Hydac is producing parts that require less energy to produce the required pressure to make a system work.

Whether it is an actuator within the printing press or valves and systems for a wind powered generator, Hydac is very involved with sustainable printing solutions.

When a company is going green in every way, it’s not just about finding environmentally-friendly paper and carbon-friendly energy sources. It’s about choosing the best systems within the presses and being sure that the suppliers of those parts are environmentally responsible as well.

FSC Revises Sustainable Design Standards

The Forest Stewardship Council has addressed some of the deficiencies of their sustainable design standards with the latest changes they have made to their certified product classification system. Aside from performing list updates, the FSC has combined technical and marketing characteristics in their recent update of certified product classifications to guarantee immediate market linkages between producers and buyers. Also, the ongoing public consultation is a key step in ensuring that FSC certified product classification is simple, concise and rewards the use of widely recognized product names. As a result of these changes, the FSC projects an increase in LEED certified design projects and environmentally friendly paper production.

What is environmentally superior paper? The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) defines it as paper that meets the following criteria:

  1. Uses a minimum of 50% of post consumer recycled waste (PCW).
  2. Virgin fiber that has no controlled wood content or controversial sources.
  3. Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)

SustainPrint strongly recommends using 100% post consumer recycled paper. Not only does the production of 100% post consumer recycled paper emit 25-50% less greenhouse gas, it requires ZERO trees. Even in the digital age, there are sustainable publishing options for traditional print media.

San Diego Simplifies Its Recycling Process For Residents

In an attempt to encourage all residents to recycle and to follow the recycling guidelines, Recycling San Diego has simplified the rules for curbside recycling. The city has issued its residents a blue bin designated for recycling only and has expanded its list of recycleable materials, which now includes clean plastic food packaging, plastic buckets and tubs. Since San Diego Waste Management has simplified its recycling process, an increasing number of newspapers, magazines, paper food boxes, paper bags and cardboard products have made their way into recycling bins. For that, SustainPrint thanks you.

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